2019 Agent Conference & Meetings

2019 will be our biggest year EVER when it comes to opportunities for you to learn more about destinations, marketing and running your business - not to mention spending more time with your fellow agents!  Remember that there's no better way to invest your resources than using them to become a better travel agent.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Conferences for which hotel room blocks have been secured will run out of space LONG before registration for the event closes.  If you're inclined to attend, register for the event and RESERVE YOUR HOTEL SPACE as soon as it becomes available.  In most cases, you can drop your hotel space until a certain date without penalty.

  • Our conferences, meetings and training are for agents only, and only agents from My Travel Elf and/or MTE Vacations unless otherwise specified.  If you bring a friend, spouse, or child on the trip with you make sure they're aware that they cannot join us at any scheduled event unless the event is noted as "open to anyone."  (No, they can't sit quietly in the back, either.  Sorry.)  These trips should be considered business trips and treated accordingly.  They can, of course,  share a room with you and play while you're working.

  • We've had agents attend nearly all of these events in the past, so if you have questions or want feedback, don't hesitate to post in the Facebook group!

2019 LINEUP  (Links for each will go live when there's more information available)

Feb. 1-3, 2019                 MTE VACATIONS WINTER TRAINING     Orlando, FL   (B Resort)

This event  is specifically designed for agents new to the company and/or the industry AND those who need training on Good Neighbor resorts.  It's an intensive immersion into all things theme park... tickets, resorts, ground transportation, dining, entertainment, and more.  Your head will be spinning, but you'll finally understand what everyone on the MTE Facebook page is talking about!  REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

April 2-8, 2019               CLIA Cruise360                                              Fort Lauderdale, FL   (FLL Convention Center)

This is the biggest cruise event of the year.  Held annually in Fort Lauderdale, it is 100% focused on the cruise industry... what's new, what's coming, where are the problems and what's being done to fix them, etc.  You'll have a chance to hear from executives of all the major cruise lines in North America, meet with their representatives face to face at the trade show, attend supplier-specific breakout sessions and, if you register early and come in a few days prior to the event (or stick around afterward) you'll also be able to register for ship inspections.  (Ships in both FLL and MIA are offered, and transportation is provided.)  If you're working on your CLIA agent certification, you may also be able to knock out a number of requirements at this one event!  You must be registered as a CLIA agent in order to attend.  REGISTER 

April 25-28, 2019          NEXION GROUP SALES SUMMIT             Puerto Vallarta, Mexico   (Hyatt Ziva)

There's no doubt about it, there's a lot of money to be made in selling to groups.  You need to be a master of organization, but if that's your thing then it's actually a lot easier to book a group of 50 rooms or cabins than it is to do 50 individual reservations.  The Group Sales Summit brings in some of the top names in group sales and marketing to teach you what you need to know about finding more groups, presenting them with ideas, closing the sale, and making the whole thing a big success.  You must be a registered Nexion agent to attend.  REGISTER

June 7-10, 2019            TRAVEL LEADERS EDGE                              National Harbor, MD   (Gaylord Resort)
Typically attended by around 2,000 agents, this is an event everyone looks forward to.  It's hosted by our consortium, Travel Leaders Network, and consists of daily general sessions followed by focused interest breakout sessions and supplier-led informational meetings.  There's usually a VERY big trade show and also a gala celebration one evening, often with big-name entertainment.  All agents in all branches of the My Travel Elf family are eligible to attend.  Local pre- and post- event opportunities to explore the area are often offered. 

July 16-18, 2019           MASTER MARKETING SYMPOSIUM         Bloomington, MN  (Hyatt Regency, Mall of America)

This is a deep-dive into marketing presented by Nexion along with Travel Leaders.  There are both pre- and post-event sessions to help get you ready and then folow-up afterword.  It's not an inexpensive thing, but very much worth the effort.  You must be a registered Nexion agent.   REGISTER

Sept 10-12, 20119        MY TRAVEL ELF ANNUAL MEETING        Orlando, FL    (Universal Aventura Resort)

Gone are the days of our meetings being solely Mouse-focused.  This is all about our agency, our agents, how to sell more of ALL of what we sell and do it better, how to expand into other areas, how to use the tools that we have, how to market, and more.  All agents from all branches of the company are invited, regardless of their status of Nexion - though we hope Nexion agents will stick around to attend CoNexion.  REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

Sept. 12-15, 2019          CoNEXION                                                        Orlando, FL    (Universal Royal Pacific Resort)

If you can only make it to one thing all year, this is the one to hit.  Aside from the fact that we've conveniently nestled our own agency meeting up against this one, it's conveniently taking place this year in a location most of us are selling pretty heavily.  The conference will NOT include intensive training on Universal, but may include some special opportunities to visit the parks in connection with the conference.  What you WILL get from the conference is a lot of "how to run your business" information, with a heavy slant to doing so with the tools that are already at your fingertips because of our Nexion membership and association with Travel Leaders.  You'll also hear from some big names in the industry, have plenty of breakout sessions, attend a trade show, and more.  You NEED to attend this if you can swing it!  You must be registered with Nexion to attend.   REGISTER

Sept 15-17, 2019          MTE VACATIONS FALL TRAINING             Orlando, FL   (Universal/Disney)

This event will begin shortly after CoNexion ends and is specifically designed for agents new to the company and/or the industry.  It's an intensive immersion into all things theme park... tickets, resorts, ground transportation, dining, entertainment, and more.  Your head will be spinning, but you'll finally understand what everyone on the MTE Facebook page is talking about!  REGISTRATION OPEN SOON

November 8-10, 2019 LEAP INTO LUXURY FORUM                        San Diego, CA   (Andaz San Diego)

Who doesn't want more luxury clients, right?  But how do you find them?  How do you work differently with them?  What suppliers will live up to their expectations?  This forum is for the experienced agent who wants to step up their average sale by catering to people with deeper pockets.  Led by Nexion, you'll hear from high-quality guest speakers and suppliers, spend one-on-one time with the supplier reps, and visit some luxury properties in the area.  You must be a registered Nexion agent to attend.  REGISTER

see dates below            NEXION ON THE ROAD

These are 1-day events completely free to any registered Nexion agent.   You'll have a chance to meet some of the members of the Nexion administration teen, learn about the many marketing and productivity tools available to you, pick up some tips for running your business better, and meet other local Nexion agents.  This is a REALLY GOOD event if there's one near you!   REGISTER

March 12, 2019 - West Palm Beach, FL

March 14, 2019 - Phoenix, AZ

April 16, 2019 - Long Island, NY

April 23, 2019 - Chicago, IL

April 25, 2019 - Atlanta, GA

May 2, 2019 - Philadelphia, PA

July 9, 2019 - Seattle, WA

July 11, 2019 - Denver, CO

October 22, 2019 - Baltimore, MD

date TBA - Sacramento, CA


Nexion Agent Essentials - A 5-day workshop for agents who are completely new to the industry.  Held in Irving, TX.  This is a GREAT place to start if you're feeling lost and overwhelmed!  Must be registered as a Nexion agent to attend.  REGISTER

Nexion Bootcamp - This 3-day event is held at least twice a year in Irving, TX for the purpose of bringing agents who are new to Nexion (but have some industry experience) up to speed with all the tools that Nexion makes available to you.  Must be a registered Nexion agent to attend.  REGISTER