Diane  Steele




Diane began her travel career in the corporate travel world for two years before jumping to the leisure side in July 2015.  When she's not planning magical vacations, Diane's working for Trader Joe's, parenting her two dogs and a cat, or traveling around with her husband Chris.  She also enjoys scrapbooking all of their fun vacations, making Disney-inspired jewelry, growing tropical plumerias in the desert, and dusting off her vast collections of Disney memorabilia, lighthouses, and hedgehogs.


" Even though my husband and I don’t have children, we still LOVE all of the Disney parks and the magic that each and every visit has for us!  Disney is not just for kids, it is for everyone young at heart!"


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Favorite Disney destination:

Disneyland, because it's the original park and the only one that Walt himself actually walked in and enjoyed.

Favorite Disney snack:

A Mickey ice cream bar and pop corn are musts on every. If it's cold, Diane has a tradition of getting a cup of hot cocoa at the end of the night and drinking it on a bench in the "hub" in front of the castle or on Main Street.

Visits to Disney destinations:

At least once a year (to Disneyland) since 1974, plus seven trips to Walt Disney World (with more on the calendar) - and anxiously looking forward to Disney Cruise #2 coming up soon!

First Disney memory:

Visiting the Magic Kingdom in October 1971 shortly after it opened and riding Dumbo with her dad. Her brothers' Dumbo didn't go up and down so they got to ride again - while Diane watched!

Professional designations:

CTA & College of Disney Knowledge

Favorite part of the job:

Sharing her love for all things Disney with clients, and helping them have the best Disney vacation possible.