Eric  Lemboris

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Vice President


Eric began visiting Disney World about 20 years ago when his son was three years old.  He is well-read on everything related to Walt and Roy and has collected Disney memorabilia over the years.  He's a huge fan of Disney Cruise Lines and Adventures By Disney experiences world wide.  His next frontier will be a trip to Disneyland Paris and that will stretch his Disney experiences from Europe to Hawaii.  He enjoys the consistent quality of each and every Disney encounter on land or at sea, and the ever-changing sensations that make every trip worthy of a repeat visit.


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Favorite Disney destination:

It's hard to pick a favorite but within Disney World it would be the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Every Disney cruise is a dream, and Adventures By Disney experiences are extraordinary beyond belief. A quiet stay in Hawaii at the Aulani Resort is equally enjoyable.

Favorite Universal attraction:

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Favorite Disney snack:

A Mickey ice cream bar and caramel popcorn from either the candy store in MK or freshly made caramel corn at the Werther's shop in Epcot.

Visits to Disney destinations:

Multiple trips to Disney World and multiple Disney cruises. Also visited Disneyland in CA, and soon to visit Disneyland, Paris.

First Disney memory:

Visiting Disney World when my son was three years old.

Professional designations:

ACC & College of Disney Knowledge

Favorite part of the job:

Unraveling the complications of Disney information and saving clients time and money!