The My Travel Elf               program


Sprite:     1. A small or elusive supernatural being; an elf or pixie.  2. An elflike person.



PURPOSE: To bring new agents into all areas of the My Travel Elf circle of brands.


START DATE:  May 28, 2018                               END DATE:  Ongoing


APPLIES TO:  All brands


WHO CAN PARTICIPATE:  Current independent contractors (I.C.s) of any of the My Travel Elf circle of brands


DESCRIPTION:  Current agents should complete a Sprite referral form with information about the person they’re nominating to become a new I.C. agent (sprite).  This person will be contacted and, if brought aboard, the nominating agent will be informed of the effective date of contract for the new sprite.  The nominating agent will receive a Sprite Bonus of 10% of the gross commission earned by their sprite within that sprite’s first 18 months with the agency, regardless of under which brand(s) the sales are made.  Further, if the sprite exceeds $5,000 in gross commissions earned for the agency within the first 18 months, the nominating agent will get an additional $250 Super Sprite Bonus.  If the sprite exceeds $10,000 in gross commissions earned for the agency within the first 18 months, the nominating agent will receive another $250 Super Sprite Bonus.



  • The program is based on bookings made in the first 18 months from the sprite’s effective contract date, even if some or all those bookings don’t travel until after the completion of the 18 months.

  • The nominating agent does not have to sell under the same brand(s) as their sprite.

  • Gross commission is defined as the total of the commission received by the agency from the supplier.  (Which means that bookings made through Nexion will be based on 90% of the commission shown on the suppliers’ invoices.)

  • The 10% Sprite Bonus will be paid at the same time the sprite’s commission is paid.

  • The nominating agent must still be an active I.C. with at least one My Travel Elf brand for Sprite and Super Sprite bonuses to be paid.

  • No bonuses will be paid on bookings for which the agency receives no commission.

  • Commissions earned by the sprite through the My Travel Elf website referral program are not eligible for this program. (The referring agent will not earn 10% and the commission will not count toward Super Sprite bonuses.)

  • Program does not apply to any sprite who has previously worked as an I.C. for any My Travel Elf brand.

  • Sprites cannot be an immediate family member or reside at the same address as an existing sprite or I.C. of any My Travel Elf brand.

  • There is no limit to how many sprites an agent may refer.

  • Current sprites ARE eligible to nominate new sprites and will be paid based on the terms outlined above.