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Privacy Policy  &  Terms and Conditions

The agreement between My Travel Elf / MTE Vacations and you

  • What can I book through MTE Vacations?
    MTE Vacations is focused on Disney and Universal destinations and related activities. This includes strollers and scooters, shore excursions, ground transportation, private tours, VIP services, and more. MTE Vacations is a division of a full-service agency, though, so we can handle nearly anything you ask for - from destination weddings to private Tuscan villas to river cruises in China!
  • How do I get started?
    Choose your vacation planner and click their QUOTE button, send them an email, or give them a call! Your planner will get back to you as soon as possible. We aim for replies within a few business hours, but sometimes it can take a full business day.
  • How much do you charge?
    We work directly with suppliers; no middleman markups here! Your price will be no more than you'd pay by booking directly and could well be less because we stay on top of every discount currently offered. In fact, if the price drops on your Disney or Universal vacation, we'll do our best to secure that lower rate for you without even being asked! What's more, if you need to cancel, you will only be charged the supplier cancellation fees according to the terms and conditions explained when you book. We don't add any cancellation fees of our own. We also offer OPTIONAL premium services ranging from detailed itinerary planning to meeting and event planning and VIP arrangements. Additional fees apply; please speak with your vacation planner if you're interested in knowing more.
  • When and how do I make payments?
    Most suppliers require a deposit which is (usually) refundable until a certain date, at which point your final payment may be due. All payments are processed through the suppliers themselves, so we can accept any form of payment they accept. (For Disney vacations, this includes Disney Visa Rewards dollars and Disney gift cards.) Payments and storage of your payment information are done through PCI-compliant methods.
  • What if I already booked my vacation?
    If you booked directly with a supplier, we can often "take over" the booking with minimal effort. From there on, it's like you booked with us from the start! If you booked through another agency we regret that, out of respect for that agency, we will not be able to transfer that booking.
  • Why can't I call the supplier about my reservation?
    Your vacation planner will spend a great deal of time and effort creating the perfect vacation for you. He or she will also take detailed notes regarding your location preferences, special needs, and other personal information. The supplier will not have access to any of that information and may inadvertently create problems by making changes. For that reason, if you call a supplier directly you will probably be instructed to contract your travel agent.
  • Why should I book with you instead of doing it myself?
    Your vacation planner is a true specialist, someone with decades worth of knowledge and experience. Sure, some of what they know can be researched online - but do you really have the time to do that? More importantly, what about the things that are more subjective like, "Will my 3-year-old be scared in the Haunted Mansion?" or, "If I get a Lightning Lane for 4:30 at Soarin' will I make it to my 6:00 dinner reservation at Crystal Palace?" Guessing wrong could be a real problem! Your vacation planner takes all that off your plate. He or she will ask lots of questions in an effort to create a very custom experience, personalized specifically for you and your family based on your expectations and needs. You can ask as many questions as you want to as well. We even get clients calling us from inside the parks - and we're totally okay with that. Bonus: you're not paying a dime of markup for all this great service! And here's a thought for you: we work for you, not the suppliers. No one tells what we can or can't say, requires us to try and sell you things you don't need, or sets sales quotas for us to meet. We're not just planners, we're your vacation advocates. Not convinced? More than 85% of our business comes from referrals. That simple fact speaks volumes.
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